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About Us

WYONG.COM.AU is a socially-driven business listing directory and a local information network that specializes in providing the best and convenient recommendations for any form of service-related business; including retail business, restaurants and their accommodation features, etc. within the 30km radius of the outlying district of Wyong. It seeks to entice locally developed businesses to join the network through creating a ranking list which is “Socially Rewarding” to both locals and customers. To ensure the reliability of our recommendations, based the ranking on social media likes not on the financial muscle these existing establishments possess. We firmly believe that through facebook likes, we can thoroughly provide a voice for customers who have the experience with these local establishments and find starting businesses with promising potential. This is because we believe that nothing beats a trusted word-of-mouth referral!

It is social media for business with the capabilities to achieve dynamic marketing results that has the potential to deliver your business not just increased business but more importantly true tribal fans!


WYONG have done away with traditional pay for spot marketing where only the biggest companies and brands with the biggest marketing dollar wins!

By developing your WYONG Listing Storefront you will have the ability to:

  • Communicate to a larger social audience
  • Attract targeted business or clients
  • Promote deals and coupons
  • Get customers to Like and Share
  • Rank #1

And best part -

WYONG integrates with your other Social Media creating an online network for your business and delivering a greater ROI than any other directory!

WYONG is committed to providing local businesses with the most state of the art directory that delivers a range of business building strategies that develop true tribal fans for your business.

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Socially Rewarding

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